Meetings on the go: Experience the benefits of the Express Virtual Meetings Mobile App

Written by expressvirtualmeetings

Just like time waits for no one, neither does business. Your company needs to be consistently on top of its game, providing customers and clients with the services they expect, and meeting the needs of a constantly evolving market. This means that you and your team need to adopt a similar approach, being ready for anything and everything that comes your way.

The Express Virtual Meetings mobile app is designed to support this. Part of the core ethos of Express Virtual Meetings is mobility. We aim to give your team the capability it needs to hit its targets and to stay connected, wherever your team members find themselves. From quick digital huddles conducted between departments, to product launch briefings handled between continents, EVM helps your business maintain the supreme levels of communication it needs to succeed.

This communication is important in all areas of business. Many employees now cite poor relationships between management levels as a key reason for not remaining loyal to a company; something which can often be blamed on poor communication. Critical relationships between the company and its customers, clients, partners, and suppliers, also suffer when communication is not handled correctly, underlining how this is something that you simply have to be getting right. This is part of what makes the streamlined, cost-effective, but highly capable EVM mobile app so useful.

You are probably already aware of the benefits of deploying remote teams in different areas of operation, but what about when you are on the move? What happens if a key partner or team member is travelling or commuting? What happens if they don’t have a WiFi connection handy? The EVM mobile app was crafted with this kind of situation in mind. Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

The EVM mobile app; The key benefits

Deploying the best video conferencing hardware and software solutions is a key step as you develop a culture of fluid communication practices across your organisation. This is already well understood in the world of Australian business, and you may already have invested in these solutions for your own business.

But the smartphone app works a little differently. Here are some of the key elements that make it such a valuable asset to companies;

Harness the full power of your smartphone

Having your smartphone handy is no substitute for being in the office, or being at a workstation with a computer and a WiFi connection. However, the device should not be underestimated.

Your smartphone is a powerful piece of kit, and one which provides a wide range of different functionality. With the EVM mobile app, you are leveraging the very best out of this functionality, by hosting virtual meetings on the move, and by holding valuable discussions which will help you and your team smash those targets.

Don’t get caught out when you are on the move

The modern world is much smaller than it used to be, and we often find ourselves covering distances that our ancestors could only dream of. Whether such journeys are conducted for work, pleasure, or because of some other commitment, you still need to be connected while travelling.

The EVM app ensures this is the case, putting you in touch with partners, co-workers, clients, suppliers, and anyone else you need to meet with, while you travel.

Experience high levels of functionality

You’ll be able to access many of the features you would expect from EVM, via the EVM app. This includes simplified but still highly functional versions of the video conferencing, instant messaging, voice calling, screen sharing, and document collaboration tools, all available on one handy mobile platform.

You’ll also be able to select which of these features you utilise during your journey, so you can manage your data usage. Turning off video calling or screen sharing will help you save up to 90% of your data usage, but you will still be able to quickly and easily turn these features on when you need them.

Even when your mobile network is struggling – something which is an unfortunate fact of life when you are out on the road – you’ll still be able to enjoy high levels of functionality via the reduced bandwidth mode supported by the platform.

Use with ease and efficiency

No one wants to have to get to grips with a complicated set of controls and commands whenever they start using a new app. The best video conferencing hardware and software pieces are intuitively designed to maximise user experience, and of course, the EVM mobile app is crafted along the same lines.

Regardless of tech background, you and your entire team will be able to quickly and easily get used to the app, enabling you to get the best out of what it can provide. In addition to this, you’ll find that its distraction-free interfaces helps you to stay on task and stay focused whenever you decide to use the platform.

The Express Virtual Meetings mobile app is one of the most exciting offerings our team has developed in recent years. Enabling our users to leverage the full potential of mobility and remote operation is something which we are passionate about at EVM, and we are delighted to take this a step further with the development of the mobile version of our software.

To learn more about the mobile application, and to find out about how it can benefit you and your team, get in touch with us here at Express Virtual Meetings today.