Looking for the Best Teleconferencing System on the Market? You Found it at Express Virtual Meetings

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Best Teleconferencing System on the Market

When you want to find the best conferencing system available, it can be challenging to find the provider that suits your needs. Looking for the best teleconferencing system on the Market? takes a look at why this Australian-owned conferencing veteran might be your best option.

Whether you’re a business owner who needs to meet across multiple locations, or part of a a geographically-dispersed team, the way you communicate and work together relies heavily on the communication systems available to you.

Best Teleconferencing System

Business-Focused Philosophy

Over the last 17 years we’ve built our service around a businesses’ need to communicate and work with geographically dispersed teams or customers as efficiently as possible. Our products and services are flexible, and can be used by one person with one account, or at a company-wide level with multiple accounts or conference rooms.

We cater to the communication and collaboration needs of geographically dispersed teams and colleagues through user-friendly conferencing solutions. Effective communicating in this way can help teams work efficiently and achieve important business goals.

Accessibility is vital for an effective teleconferencing system, so we made Express Virtual Meetings work for you from the comfort of your boardroom, huddle room or at your desk. Our expressCONNECT mobile app is the perfect, easy solution to joining or hosting a conference when you’re out of the office.

The Best Support

Australia-based support, on demand: Our support teams are based in Melbourne, Australia, and are perfectly positioned to offer help and assistance whenever you need it.

Support is available 24/7/365: We’re here and ready to help you around the clock, all year long.

Expert development teams working on new and improved updates: We’re focused on continual improvement of our products and services. We listen to our customers, and work with our innovative developers, to make Express Virtual Meetings better for you.

Best Features

HD audio and video: You want your participants to be able to see and hear each other clearly, which is why we offer high-quality HD audio and video.

Harmony across systems and devices: Express Virtual Meetings works anywhere, anytime via mobile or landline, desktop or laptop computers, or specialised video conferencing system.

Record audio and video: Capture the content of your conferences on our secure system for future reference. Download your recording from our secure portal, make the recording available via a dedicated phone number for a set period of time, or retain a lasting record of your meeting or event. Whatever your intention, recording your conference ensures every detail is captured in high-definition sound and video.

Complete conferencing capabilities including mobile devices: Flexibility and mobility are important elements of what makes Express Virtual Meetings the best teleconferencing solution on the market. Access your teleconferences on-the-go via the expressCONNECT mobile app.

No special equipment needed: The Express Virtual Meetings teleconferencing solution is designed to be convenient, and easy-to-use. Armed with a standard or conference telephone or mobile phone, a dial-in number and access code, teleconferencing is accessible to everyone.

Web conferencing: See each other face-to-face via video, share your screen online. Provide remote support, or collaborate with a full range of in-built conferencing features.

Branding and customisation: Host conferences your own way with our free meeting customisation features, and branding. Capabilities including your own dedicated conferencing line and dial-in number and branded welcome messaging. We also offer host dial-out options, multiple ways for your participants to join your conference and a full suite of managed event services.

Enhanced security through encryption: Your security and privacy is important to us. Your data is secure in our geographically-dispersed data centres located in Australia. Your conversations are secure due to the powerful encryption technology of our state-of-the-art conference bridges, preventing unknown 3rd parties eaves dropping on your confidential conversations.

Self-managed or professionally managed: Take control of your own conferences with our self-managed system or use professional event management facilitated by our team of conferencing experts. The choices are all yours with Express Virtual Meetings.

To learn more about what makes Express Virtual Meetings the best conferencing solution on the market, contact us or speak to one of our experts by calling 1300 849 300. We’re available 24/7/365.