Keeping it all in one Place: Experience the Power of a Comprehensive Virtual Meeting Solution

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
Experience the Power of a Comprehensive Virtual Meeting Solution

For as long as there have been businesses, there have been meetings. These are the points of contact between different members of a team, between the different levels of a management structure, and even between the business itself and with the partners, clients, and suppliers the business works with.

To put it simply, meetings are vital for your organisation, and they provide the clear and concise communication your company needs to function successfully.

Of course, now we’re well and truly¬†in the digital age, and things have changed in the past few years. While meetings were once confined to meeting rooms within the office building itself and required all participants to be in the same room at the same time, the best video conferencing hardware and software solutions available today enable meetings to be carried out between different rooms, between different buildings, even between different countries and continents. It’s this sort of digital capability which led 65% of businesses to utilise remote workers as part of their teams in 2017.

This has undoubtedly revolutionised business, making life more fluid and more flexible for team members and upper management alike. However, often, with additional fluidity and flexibility, comes something else – chaos, particularly if the situation is not managed carefully.

Virtual Meeting Solution

It’s with this in mind that Express Virtual Meetings developed a neater, tidier, and more comprehensive video conferencing and virtual meetings solution. This means you get to keep everything together in one place, while still leveraging the benefits of digital meetings within your organisation.

Let’s see how this works.

A Collaborative Space for you and your Team

When you use the comprehensive solutions offered by Express Virtual Management, you will be able to create collaborative digital spaces for you and your team to use. This means you’ll be able to work on documents together, making, editing, and responding to changes in real time, while also hosting the sorts of high quality, crystal clear audio and visual¬†virtual meetings which you would expect from the best video conferencing hardware and software pieces in the market.

This ensures that everything is available for review in one convenient location on the platform, streamlining your workflow and making sure that everyone stays on track and on task. You can’t afford to waste time, effort, and, of course, money, going over the same old ground or carrying out tasks which are already completed. A collaborative approach eliminates this risk.

Personalised, Secure Areas Unique to Your Credentials

The smart collaboration and impressive efficiency discussed above is only effective if it’s underpinned by reliable security. Express Virtual Meetings have recognised this from day one, and all of the solutions we provide adhere to these same strict standards of security and data safety, bringing the high levels of peace of mind all business owners need.

This is why collaborative areas are only available to those who have the correct login credentials and security clearance. In this way, accessibility remains intuitive and easy, but critical business, client, and partner data is protected at all times. These areas can also be personalised to suit your own requirements.

The video conferencing tools which you’ll use to carry out your virtual meetings are also encrypted, which means that they cannot by accessed maliciously, or by anyone who is not cleared to participate. This also applies to shared documents and to screen sharing functionality.

Swift Remote Access via a Browser

It’s difficult to calculate how much of our time is spent in meetings, as this figure varies greatly between industries and between different job roles. However, for middle management roles, this is estimated to take up around 35% of our working days, up to as much as 50% for those in upper management positions.

While meetings are certainly of great importance to any business, and cannot be done away with, traditional meetings do represent serious inefficiencies within the corporate structure. Digital meeting rooms like those provided by Express Virtual Meetings dramatically reduce this inefficiency by making meetings much easier to access, even from remote locations.

Users will be able to access virtual meetings via their browser or via software on their desktop. Log in and set up are almost instantaneous, and the meeting can take place with minimal disruption during the course of the working day. These meetings may take the form of a quick huddle, a weekly scheduled discussion, or a larger scale product demonstration – whatever you need, all participants will have the required accessibility at their fingertips.

The Same High-Quality EVM Tools

EVM’s solutions are designed to be as comprehensive as possible. This means the great quality tools that our users have come to expect are built to be deployed together, rather than in isolation, and team members will find it easy to move between each one as required.

This includes video conferencing, audio communication channels, instant messaging, document collaboration in real time, screen sharing, and reminders and notifications for key events. A seamless and highly functional digital meeting room is achieved with ease.

To discover more about what the possibilities that video conferencing and remote collaboration have in store for your team, or to learn about the different virtual meeting solution that Express Virtual Meetings can provide, get in touch with the team today.