How to Streamline Business Operations for a Global Team

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
How to Streamlne Business Operations for a globla team - Virtual Meetings

A concept like the remote workforce has been shaped by technology. Without high levels of technological support, there would be no remote workforce, or, at the very least, it would be far smaller and less efficient.

Two years ago, just under a quarter of the workforce was part of a remote team, working either from home or in the field at least some of the time. This number has since grown, representing a significant cultural and practical shift away from traditional working environments.

Businesses should look to streamline their operations for a more effective, efficient and secure approach to global team-building. Collaboration between multiple teams across various locations is now the norm, and you can support this by streamlining your business operations via a single platform. Here’s how.

1.  Minimise Printing and Digitise Paper Records

Paper records are outdated and cumbersome. They can be difficult to manage and can even pose a security risk when they need to be disposed of, not to mention the impact that paper usage has on our environment.

Software like PandaDoc can be used to digitise quotes, proposals, HR documents, contracts, and a wide variety of other paperwork which would otherwise have to be printed out and processed. The ability to send eSignature documents makes securing new contracts simpler, while secure filesharing means that the right people have access to the documents they need, even when working remotely.

2.  Manage Time and Recognise Time Zone Differences

Keeping track of work efficiency and time spent on projects is relatively simple when everyone is working together in one centralised office. However, things can become more complex when remote teams are factored into the equation.

Time tracking apps like Toggl make it easy for different team members to log their time when working remotely, and for management staff to optimise efficiency across the board. Another app, Every Time Zone, also provides a handy function which enables you to quickly and easily reference the different time zones of your remote teams.

3.  Support All Aspects of Online Collaboration

Effective collaboration and communication are critical when it comes to remote teams working from home or in the field, and this is something which email alone cannot provide. Instead, your teams need the ability to instant message one another, reading messages and responding in real time.

Screen sharing and document collaboration via web conferencing further enhances the ability of remote teams to work together on projects, which benefits your company by enabling decisions to be made more quickly.

4.  Communicate with Audio, Web and Video Conferencing

Audio, web and video conferencing enhance levels of communication and collaboration efficacy. By conferencing, teams can gain the advantage of face-to-face conversation while working remotely.

The benefits of this are two-fold. It’s far easier for team members to gain the mutual understanding required to get the job done and pick up on non-verbal communication which is lost when instant messaging. On the other hand, it gives team members a means to get to know each other on a more personal level, increasing feelings of togetherness and harmony.

To find out more about the power of audio, web and video conferencing, get in touch with Express Virtual Meetings today.

5.  Remove Organisational Barriers to Success

Some aspects of a business can get in the way of success, particularly when it comes to onboarding new users or nurturing new team members. Ensuring that these new members are working from the same page as the rest of your staff can be difficult, but Github Wiki provides an effective solution.

Github acts as a shareable repository of information which team members can refer to and learn from at any time. Everything from your core operating principles and company ethos to technical details about how to approach operational obstacles can be covered, and this information can be edited and updated at any time to ensure maximum relevance and reliability.

6.  Focus on Retaining Customers

Too many businesses focus on chasing new customers and forget about their existing client base. Zendesk helps you and your team achieve remarkable customer service, even when working remotely, resulting in better customer retention and a more reliable foundation for your business.

7.  Bring it all Together

All of the above are useful ways to get ahead, but many are highly specialised. To bring all of this together in an effective and unified manner, you can use an integration tool like Zapier.

With Zapier, your tools will be able to communicate with one another as your team and your business expands.