How to Set up a Seminar in 2022

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How to Set up a Seminar in 2022

2022 is being called the year of the seminar.

That’s because advances in virtual seminar technology have allowed us to farewell boring lectures and training videos that put customers and employees to sleep in favour of engaging and interactive seminar videos that help audiences solve problems, and be nurtured through learning.

Want to learn more about how you can enjoy these benefits too?

Here’s how to set up a seminar video in 2022 that will help you and your organisation reach your business goals.

What is a Seminar (Training) Video?

A seminar video is video-based content designed for general learning on a topic or to teach someone how to do something. Your seminar video can be pre-recorded, on-demand, or for a truly immersive learning experience—live and interactive.

Uses for Seminar Videos

Whether the purpose of your seminar video is to increase traffic, generate leads and sales, streamline your customer journey or simply educate your employees or customers, there are many uses for seminar videos. Some of the most common include:

Instructional videos that teach your customers how to use or get the most out of your products

University/school lectures

A webinar series for lead generation

Employee training

OH&S education


What are the Benefits of a Seminar Video?

The benefits of including seminar videos in your marketing or customer service journeys are far-reaching. This is why 86% of businesses report using video as a key tool —with those numbers only looking to grow throughout 2022.

When it comes to streamlining customer experience journeys, 94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service, with 43% reporting that it reduced the number of support calls they received.

A few key benefits you can expect from a seminar video in 2022 include:

Improving customer satisfaction

Driving website traffic

Strengthening your SEO

Reducing the number of tech support inquiries

Educating customers on different products and services you offer

How to Set up a Successful Seminar Video in 2022

Sometimes organisations are nervous to start creating virtual seminar videos because they’re overwhelmed by the process or don’t think they have the right technology or expertise to make their seminar video successful.

The good news is that with the right platform combined with an experienced virtual event service provider, getting started is easier than you think… Your virtual seminar provider will take care of all the technical and behind the scenes aspects of your seminar video so that all you have to do is concentrate on creating great content.

Here’s how to make a successful seminar video with the help of an experienced virtual seminar provider:

1. Understand Your Audience

A virtual seminar video can only be successful if it’s tailored to the needs of your intended audience. This doesn’t just mean choosing the right topic—your audience will determine which video format will work best for them, how you present the content, and which distribution channels to promote your seminar video through.

If you haven’t done much audience research in the past, a good place to start is simply interviewing a cross-section of your customers to discover knowledge gaps that can be addressed through your seminar video.

2. Choose the Right Virtual Seminar Provider

Unless you’re already extremely confident in creating successful virtual seminar videos, it’s advisable that you work with a provider that offers extensive experience, 24/7 support and a platform bursting with features that will help make the video a success, such as:

Desktop and mobile compatible

Optional login screen

Screen sharing

Live chat

Participant list


Join Q&A queue

Full-screen view toggle

Audio and video on/off

Edit video modes and layouts

Customised branding of event invitations and the registration process, in addition to the video platform

3. Choose Your Video Format

Your next step is deciding on the best video format for your virtual seminar. The five key considerations are:

Self-serve vs managed seminar

Live broadcasting

On-demand video

Pre-recorded video

Hybrid seminars

All video formats have their advantages. For example, live broadcasting is best for audience engagement, but without the right help, you could leave your production open to mistakes or delays that can’t be edited out.

Hybrid video formats are quickly becoming popular in the post-COVID world because you can still host live training to a live in-person audience but at reduced capacity, while allowing more attendees to join in remotely – potentially increasing attendance.

4. Prepare Your Presenters

Once you’ve chosen your presenters or speakers, start preparing them with scripts, run sheets or even a storyboard that ensures your virtual seminar will be professional and engaging. Being prepared is especially important if your subject matter is a little dry—work with your team to find creative solutions to get your message to your audience.

5. Set up Your ‘Studio’ Space

Creating virtual seminar videos that look and feel professional isn’t as easy as jumping in front of a camera and hoping for the best. There are certain things you can do to ensure that your production feels professional.

If you don’t have a dedicated studio space for filming, look for a room that is distraction-free and is big enough to leave at least a metre between the camera and each speaker.

If you have other presenters who are joining in remotely, make sure that they know your space requirements before filming day. Your backdrop is really important here. Avoid having any clutter in the background that can distract from a speaker. If you don’t have access to a green screen, a white wall with a neat plant or bookshelf can work perfectly well or if the technology allows, blur out the background or add a virtual one.

6. Soundproofing

Nothing will derail a seminar video quicker than poor audio quality. Finding a space that’s removed from air conditioning hums, construction and other background noise is essential, as is making sure that the dimensions of the room you’re filming in has good acoustics and won’t cause sound to bounce around the room.

7. Organise Essential Production Equipment

You don’t need masses of expensive production equipment to set up a seminar video in 2022. As technology has advanced, processes and equipment have streamlined considerably.

Your virtual seminar platform provider can help direct you on exactly what you’ll need to get the result that you want, but many organisations are simply using laptops, mobile phones and very basic lighting and audio equipment to produce high quality, engaging presentations.

8. Be Interactive

If you host a live virtual seminar it’s easy to engage your audience with interactive features such as moderated Q&A sessions, live polling or live chat. Not only does this break up dry content or consecutive speakers, but it gives you a chance to gain deep insights into your audience.

If you’re choosing on-demand or pre-recorded videos there are still tricks for creating engagement. Consider requesting lists of questions from your prospective attendees before you create your video, and present the questions in a way that causes the audience to pause and think about the topic before you move onto your next point. It’s also helpful to include visual aids that switch between video and text.

9. Go Live

In the lead up to going live, your video conferencing provider will help you with the set-up of your technology, a dress rehearsal of the virtual seminar, guest registration and recording your virtual seminar for attendees who couldn’t tune in live.

At Express Virtual Meetings, we offer 24/7 end-to-end support, meaning all you have to do is focus on content while we take care of everything else. This includes having a facilitator for any Q&A or polling sessions, letting attendees in and out of your seminar, and monitoring your stream for potential technical difficulties throughout.

10. Distribute and Enjoy the Benefits

The benefits of your seminar video don’t cease just because you’ve finished filming and broadcasting. With the right virtual event platform, you can record your seminar video to use for future marketing or education purposes, as well as dive into rich audience data that can shape your future events and other business decisions.

At Express Virtual Meetings, we can provide you with recordings and transcripts as well as data such as drop off times, polling results and attendee demographics.

The Takeaway

With the right help, setting up a seminar video in 2022 doesn’t have to be complicated. At Express Virtual Meetings, we’re there to guide you through the process so that you can gain all the benefits for you and your customers without taking away precious time that can be used on other important projects.

Book a demo with us today, contact the team or call 1300 849 300.

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