How to Plan a Successful Investor Meeting Day in 6 Steps

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How to Plan a Successful Investor Meeting Day in 6 Steps

A well-executed Investor Day can be a significantly valuable element within your investor relations strategy. As well as opening up invaluable opportunities with new investors, it’s a chance to strengthen existing relationships while also telling the story of your organisation. Investor days can provide timely market insights and ideas for investors.

However, a successful investor meeting day relies on your ability to plan carefully, present engaging content, and ensure that your webinar technology has the features and reliability to bring everything together seamlessly.

The following steps will help you plan and execute a successful investor meeting day that highlights the investment opportunities of your company.

What is an Investor Meeting Day?

An investor meeting day, otherwise known as an analyst meeting day, or an investor update is a public event in which the CEO or other executives deep dive into the health of their company and present its investment opportunities.

In Australia, it’s usual for investor meetings to be held via webinar and accessible to members of the public (unlike shareholder meetings that are only accessible by invitation) as a live webcast or recorded and made available after the event.

What are The Benefits of Hosting an Investor Meeting Day?

There are many benefits to hosting a virtual investor meeting day. As well as being an effective tool for getting your message out to the largest possible audience, they’re an excellent forum for building relationships that can lead to significant investments and long-term shareholders.

It’s also an opportunity for current investors to learn more about upcoming products and services that can strengthen their commitment to your organisation and perhaps even increase their contributions.

The benefits go beyond simply raising money — investor meeting days can be a great PR opportunity, as you can provide in-depth information about the direction of your company and learn more about your available audiences.

How to Plan a Successful Investor Meeting Day

Ready to start planning your own successful investor meeting day? The following steps will help guide you.

Step 1: Map Out Your Objectives

Before you start mapping out the objectives of your investor meeting day, it’s essential to really understand why it is you’re hosting one. If you don’t have a good understanding of your purpose or don’t believe that you have the resources to pull off a professional event, speak to an experienced webinar provider who can help guide you.

Remember that the more unified your message is, the better your outcomes are likely to be. Work as an organisation to create realistic objectives based on desired outcomes, any major announcements that can add excitement to your investor presentations, and any outside speakers who can add value to your investor day in addition to the management team.

Step 2: Choose Your Investor Meeting Day Webinar Platform

Webinar technology has skyrocketed the experience and value that organisations and investors alike can get from investor meeting days. The ability to move between speakers and multimedia seamlessly, do live product demonstrations, host managed Q&A sessions, live polling and the chance to link in speakers from all over the world has created rich and engaging sessions.

This makes choosing the right platform for the job essential to the success of your investor meeting day. Look for a provider that’s trusted by other reputable Australian organisations to manage their virtual meetings and make sure they have a raft of features that can help relay your message.

Step 3: Interview Current Shareholders and Investors

Before you jump into content planning, gauge current investor and shareholder sentiment through surveys or interviews. There may be knowledge gaps, constraints or opportunities that can be addressed on the day. It will also help understand the types of questions that could be asked on the day, allowing you to prepare accordingly.

Step 4: Get Your Content Right

There’s no room for throwing content together or letting different executives run away on their own tangents. The secret to a successful investor meeting day is message unity and well-polished presentations. Start by building your agenda. It’s important that you include:

Investor presentations

An earnings update

A growth strategy for the year ahead

An overview of your competitive position

Decide who will present what information and provide as detailed as possible a brief to keep them on track. This is also important if you’re including external speakers. Be very specific about how long each presenter has and host multiple meetings in the lead-up to the event to cross-reference everyone’s material and practice presentations together.

Step 5: Incorporate Interactive Presentation Features

While working on your content, don’t forget to collaborate with your webinar provider to explore how their inbuilt features can be used to enhance your presentations and the flow of your agenda.

Rather than having a string of speakers in a row, it’s best practice to host a managed Q&A session after each presentation. Live polling is another great way to get active feedback throughout the course of the meeting. Look for a webinar provider with the following features:

Custom branding (your logo and colours)

The ability to host thousands of participants

Customised and secure event registration

Live voting

Moderated Q&A sessions

The option to record and transcribe

24/7 pre-event support and dress rehearsal

Post-event reporting

The ability to combine a virtual and in-person event (hybrid event)

Exceptional data security and guest registration security

Step 6: Have a Dress Rehearsal

Practising your investor day meeting is essential. When the leadership team gets busy, it’s easy for practise sessions to be pushed aside, but the benefits of practising easily outweigh the time costs.

A good webinar provider will schedule a thorough dress rehearsal with you to make sure that the technical aspects of your meeting are running smoothly and to your liking. For the best chance of reaching your objectives:

Run through each speaker’s presentation in order, with multimedia to ensure there’s no conflicting messages or repetitions

Rehearse potential investor Q&As—especially potentially difficult ones

Speak with your webinar provider about their ability to troubleshoot any potential issues—always look for a provider who will monitor your event from behind the scenes throughout

Ensure your presentations run to the schedule set out in your agenda

Make Use of Event Data

The benefits of your investor day meeting don’t cease once the webinar is complete. As well as following up with your attendees, use the reporting provided by your webinar provider to gain deeper insights into your audience.

A good platform will provide you with information on engagement, drop-off points, audience demographics, and other rich data which can be invaluable to your organisation.

The Takeaway

Whether it’s a simple earnings call, earnings update or intense investor presentation, being prepared and having the right technology by your side is key to making your investor meeting day a success.

At Express Virtual Meetings, we’re trusted by some of Australia’s most prominent companies with their corporate virtual events. Our experienced team will provide you with a seamless end-to-end virtual event experience that will maximise your investor day meeting so that you can gain the best possible outcomes.

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