How to Make a Conference Call on Your Android or iPhone from Anywhere

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
Conference Call on Your Android or iPhone

Teleconferencing has been a huge asset to businesses for years, making it possible to connect with your workforce, hold virtual meetings and do business without having to be in the same room. Today, it is not uncommon for three or more people, located in separate cites around the globe, to get on a conference call together and hold a meeting.

Both mobile devices and teleconferences have helped business communications evolve. You can leverage even more flexibility by using your Android or iPhone to make a conference call from any location. When you know how to make a conference call from your mobile phone, you can conduct meetings from anywhere in the world and enjoy flawless call clarity. It’s efficient, cost-effective, and adds a whole new level of convenience and versatility to business communications.

Use these easy steps to make teleconferencing with your Android or iPhone feel effortless.


Set up an Account With a Good Teleconference Provider

Anyone who has participated in a telephone conference knows how noise can interrupt the meeting. To ensure crystal-clear communication and a disruption-free meeting, all you need is a good conferencing provider so you can download their app and be ready to go.

If you’re with a reputable conferencing provider who understands the nuances of telecommuting and what is necessary for a positive experience, you can lead a meeting or jump into a conference call with one-touch simplicity. Even more valuable than convenience, you can have the confidence that your meeting will run from start to finish without a problem.
Express Virtual Meetings’ app, expressCONNECT, lets you set up or join a conference in a couple of clicks. Also, you’ll never have to worry about dropped connections or your participants having trouble figuring out how to join. When you use the app, everyone has access to 24/7 in-app phone support. Your meeting participants can call for assistance and a team member will help them join the meeting right away.

Schedule the Conference Call from Your Android or iPhone

Scheduling is easy as you can invite people to the call with a simple email. You can email the dial-in number, the access codes and the time and date for the meeting all in one message. When you set the meeting time, keep in mind the different time zones of the individuals you will be conferencing with to ensure everyone will be able to attend during their local business hours, or as close to working hours as possible.

Need to add more participants before the meeting starts? No problem. As the host of the call, you can distribute the guest access code to as many additional people as you like.

Establish the Conference Call as the Host

To start your conference call with your mobile phone, all you have to do is open the expressCONNECT app and click on Join a conference. Your meeting details will come up. Then you just have to confirm with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and expressCONNECT will dial into the meeting for you. Because your access code is saved, you don’t have to keep entering it every time you want to start a meeting or join a conference call.

That’s the beauty of conferencing using your Android or iPhone’s app – one or two clicks and you and everyone else is joined into a business meeting with superior audio and the full support of an experienced conferencing service provider.

Your Codes are Stored for Easy Meeting Access

After the first conference call, using expressCONNECT gets even easier as the app stores your access code and dial-in number. You and your participants can simply use the same information again, or, as the host, you can change the access codes as needed.

How to Make a Conference Call Stress-Free

Here’s an expert tip to take the stress out of conference calls. You can test the service in advance with the expressCONNECT app. That way, you know you’ll have a seamless conference call and can focus on the meeting, not your call connection and quality.

Holding conference calls from your Android or iPhone doesn’t just make teleconferencing easier. Being able to connect easily with high-quality communications, from any location and with no other tech apart from your phone, can revolutionise the way your organisation operates.



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