How to Choose the Best Virtual AGM Provider (and everything you need to look for)

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
How to Choose the Best Virtual AGM Provider - Online meetings

As Australian businesses move their annual general meetings (AGM) online to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, the number of virtual platforms promoting AGM services have soared.

But with so many options on the market, catering to many different use cases and unique requirements, how can you choose the best virtual AGM provider for the needs of your organisation?

To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together everything you need to know about what to look for in an online AGM solution.

Best Virtual AGM Provider:

Essential Features

When it comes to holding a successful virtual AGM, there are certain features that are an absolute must-have. This is because they allow you to satisfy the recently updated Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) guidelines, which are in place to give shareholders a voice regardless of whether they’re attending a physical or virtual meeting.

No matter which virtual AGM provider you choose, the following features should be provided:

Voting capabilities – As part of ASICs guidelines, shareholders must be given the opportunity to cast votes online. Votes should be recorded and provided to the client in a post-event report.

Meeting transcripts and recordings – The last thing you need to do while hosting your AGM is stress about recording the meeting or having someone come in later to transcribe it. Look for an AGM solution that takes care of recording and transcribing for you

Q&A sessions – ASIC has outlined that all virtual AGMs must provide shareholders with adequate opportunity to ask questions. The best providers will run a Q&A session for you, meaning you can concentrate on the flow of the meeting while they screen and queue questions on your behalf.

Easily accessible on multiple devices – Your virtual event platform should be intuitive, compatible with a range of devices, and accessible to users with a range of technical abilities.

Joining via a web link or video endpoint- Choose a provider with the option for attendees to join the event with a weblink from their computer or conferencing endpoint, using a securely generated URL that’s unique to them.

Attendee reports – To get the most out of your AGM, seek a provider who will supply you with attendee reports to help you gain more insight into your business and shareholders.

Ease of use

Organising and running an AGM can be stressful and time consuming. That’s why choosing a virtual AGM provider who will do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes and be available on-demand, is essential for ensuring that your event runs smoothly.

Look for a provider with years of proven experience running successful virtual events. This way, you can rest easy knowing your event is in the safe hands of professionals, while you concentrate on the content of your meeting.

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Whether it’s your first virtual AGM or your 100th, everyone needs professional support in the lead-up to and during an important online meeting. Be wary of who you choose to host your event, as some providers go no further than simply being a self-service meeting platform— leaving you open to big problems if guests aren’t properly connected, there are issues with visual and audio quality, or something else unforeseen occurs.

Look for a virtual AGM provider who not only gives you 24/7 tech support, but also offers pre and post-event support, so that you can ask questions, perform test runs and ensure everything is set to make your virtual AGM a big success.


When it comes to online meeting security, not all providers are created equal— and this was evident in recent security breaches that took place on a high-profile video conferencing platform. When choosing a virtual AGM provider, make sure that they provide multiple layers of security, including encoded unique URLs, secure domains, and the provision of access codes and PINs to eliminate the chances of an intrusion.


Depending on the size of your organisation, you may have hundreds of shareholders that want to attend your virtual AGM. Therefore, you need a virtual AGM provider with the technology to host that many attendees. Look for a provider who owns their own hosting technology, preferably in a secure data centre, who can handle the amount of attendees you’re expecting.

Australian Owned and Operated

Where possible, aim to support an Australian owned and operated virtual AGM provider. Express Virtual Meetings is 100% Australian owned and operated with an experienced customer service team located in Melbourne, meaning you’ll never talk to a machine, be put on hold, or have to listen to long, complicated menus.

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