How to Amplify your Sales with Screen Sharing

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How to Amplify your Sales with Screen Sharing - Virtual Meetings

For years, sales professionals have used PowerPoint presentations to get their message across to potential customers. And it works. In fact, it works extremely well. The prospect can see a visual representation of a product or service and come to a deeper level of understanding of how the company works.

But what if the salesperson could do better? For example, what if there was a way your team could give the customer a hands-on software demonstration, or read and react to expressions and other non-verbal communication in real-time? This is where video conferencing comes into play. Now your sales professionals can use screen sharing to provide a visually-captivating first-person demonstration or explanation for their customers. This will create a more valuable customer experience, and give them more reason to choose your product or service.

Read on to learn our tips for getting the most out of screen sharing and using it as a sales tool.


Sales is a competitive environment, and as a sales professional, you constantly need to find a way to stay ahead. Visualisation consistently ranks as the best way to get your message across to your prospect, and is a powerful communication tool. As your customer pictures your product in their environment, comprehension improves by up to 400 percent.

65% of people are visual learners, so it makes sense that customers are more engaged when they can see what you are referring to on your screen, instead of just listening to you talk about your product. By using video conferencing hardware for your presentation, you can offer valuable insight for your prospect, enabling them to make an informed decision. Your potential customer will get a first-hand look at your offer, and your problem-solving solution, giving them peace of mind when they choose to invest their money in your product or service.

Snooze your Notifications

Before heading into your meeting, disable any notifications that may pop up during the video conference. Key notifications are email, chat, and messenger based. These popping up in the middle of your meeting will distract the other members of the video conference. You want people to be focused on the task at hand, not on who is emailing you.

Set up your Presentation using the Best Video Conferencing Hardware

Establishing your presentation before making that sales call is crucial to the sales process. Do you present a slide deck or run a demonstration? To fully communicate the benefits of your product, you can use both. Slide deck presentations are key to the discovery phase of your sales process, whilst a demonstration can help close the sale.

Sales professionals often use a slide deck presentation at the first meeting and demos at subsequent meetings. With video conferencing hardware or an online conferencing platform, you can share your screen and allow your customer to experience your product or service first-hand before buying, which goes a long way towards moving them through your sales funnel.

Practice Makes Perfect

This old adage rings true even in our modern world where technology is too often relied upon to improve efficiencies and reduce human error. If you’re making a presentation, be sure to adequately prepare and take time to rehearse. Often, presenters focus mostly on the content of their presentation, their slide deck, notes, the documents, video, or screens they plan to share with their audience, but forget to think through how they are going to present the material, what they are going to say and their plan to attract and retain audience engagement. We have all sat through a slide deck presentation where the presenter reads each slide verbatim creating a long, boring, disengaging video conference. Next time consider asking a co-worker, family member or friend to be your practice audience to ensure you are presenting your content, not simply reading it.

Communication is Key

Good communication is the key to success for any sales deal. Video conferencing helps you start a conversation with your prospect face-to-face. The dialogue created when watching a demo is the most valuable sales tool you have. The fact that you can clearly communicate using screen sharing eliminates any misunderstandings that may happen in passing emails back and forth or over the phone.

Screen sharing is a two-way customer-focused activity. Seeing and hearing better cements your offering and puts your customer at the forefront of the conversation, allowing them to thoroughly understand your products and services. It provides transparency on several levels putting the customer at ease.

Closing the Deal with Video Conferencing

Think about your demo. You have finished walking your customer through the life cycle of your product or service, giving them an opportunity to ask questions and ease any concerns they may have. You have not only given verbal solutions but have actually showed the prospect the answers visually.

They see for themselves how the product is designed to behave. They have walked through, step-by-step, the experience that they will have in “real life.” You have been able to ease all their concerns by showing your prospect the answers. This positive experience increases the probability of closing your sale, especially if the decision maker is present on the screen share demo.

Video conferencing tools have been designed to enhance the prospect’s experience during a sales call, giving them the means necessary to make an informed decision for their company. These tools also help sales professionals close the sale by enhancing the level of communication, dialogue and trust.

The visual impact that the salesperson makes when sharing their screen remains present with the potential customer long after the sales call has ended. This recall means both parties are able to benefit from these tools and walk away from a presentation feeling good about how they spent their time. Screen sharing is quickly becoming the sales tool of choice for top-ranking sales professionals worldwide.

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