How does Teleconferencing Work?

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Teleconferencing Work

With corporations expanding across the globe and the demand for remote work increasing, face to face meetings with teams, clients and collaborators are becoming increasingly expensive and impractical.

For businesses who rely on collaboration, teleconferencing, also known as conference calling, is often the perfect solution for maintaining stakeholder connection, without the need for physical travel and its associated expenses. But how does teleconferencing work? And how can you leverage it to improve the operations of your business?

How does Teleconferencing Work?

What’s a Conference Call?

The traditional conference call is an audio telephone meeting that connects two or more participants from various locations via mobile phone or landline. In the past, all teleconferencing was facilitated by hardware known as a conferencing bridge, but today the internet and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has allowed for a larger variety of options to suit the needs of different businesses.

How Does Traditional Teleconferencing Work?

There are two general ways to connect conference call participants. Prospective attendees can be supplied with an access code and phone number they dial in at a predetermined time, or there’s the option of an operator connected teleconference, where all participants are dialled in by an expert call operator.

Once the operator is supplied with the phone numbers of attendees, guests will be called and joined into the conference at a specified time, ensuring that the meeting starts on time and without stress.

The Conference Bridge

A conference bridge is the specific hardware used to connect conference participants to each other. This special server can receive and route thousands of callers at the same time. Large corporations may supply their own conference bridge, but given how expensive they are, most businesses opt to use the services of a host company’s conference bridge.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

Once a conference call is connected, it links to a private branch exchange (PBX) within the company. A PBX acts as a switch that routes calls to all the different internal phone extensions within a company, crucial for those who need to make lots of in-house conference calls. Cloud-based PBXs are a new technology which allows businesses to have their calls connected using the internet.

How Does Internet Teleconferencing Work?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the method of taking the analog sounds we make when we talk and digitalising them so they can be transmitted over the internet. This means that with the right technology, anyone with an internet connection can make a phone call.

A VoIP enabled phone makes placing and transmitting more complex calls like teleconferences over the internet easy.

Cloud-Based PBX Solutions

As the technology behind cloud-based services improves, PBX solutions which use the cloud have grown in popularity. PBX software works by replacing the physical hardware of a conference bridge with the internet’s ability to route calls. Your internet router will streamline and digitise voice traffic, with a cloud-based PBX working to direct it to a landline or mobile number. One of the great benefits of a cloud-based PBX solution is that it can be seamlessly integrated into businesses who currently use a VoIP telephone system.

Combining a VoIP phone with a cloud PBX solution is considered best practice for businesses aiming to leverage the internet for their teleconferencing needs.

Keep in mind, that when it comes to ensuring reliability, stability and performance, it’s important to source VoIP hardware from a reputable provider.

What can I expect from a Company that hosts Teleconferences?

Choosing to engage a reputable provider to host and manage your teleconferences can take the stress out of staying connected.

The benefits of cloud-based conferencing includes:

Easy to setup services

SMS conference reminders

24/7 technical support

Operator managed conferencing options

A mobile app

The supply of hardware like VoIP phones, if required

A user-friendly portal

Personalised greetings

No matter what your teleconferencing preferences or requirements are, Express Virtual Meetings can help tailor the perfect solution for your business. We transform business communications with the latest in cloud-based PBX and traditional teleconferencing options, so speak to one of our friendly team members today to improve the way you communicate.

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