Happy Easter from the Team at Express Virtual Meetings

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Happy Easter from the Team at Express Virtual Meetings

In the office we celebrated Easter with hot cross buns for morning tea, we also had a surprise visit from the Easter bunny! We hope you all get a visit too! With the Easter break coming up, many people are planning a holiday and are casting their work worries aside. However, if you do have urgent work that needs to be done over the break, you can hold a conference call instead of travelling and spend the time you save with family and friends.

Contact us at Express Virtual Meetings today so we can help you work virtually, anywhere at any time. We promote a healthy work-life balance and hope that you can enjoy the benefits of virtual meetings.

Many people will find it hard to get back into work after the four day break. After the break, business meetings will be necessary for sharing recent developments, consulting colleagues and making decisions.

Conference calls can make it all easier. They allow you to:

Work from the Comfort of your Home

With a conference call you can connect with people virtually and not have to go into the office at all. You can stay at home for just that little bit longer while still being productive!

Save Money

If you spent too much money over the Easter break, cut down on costs by not travelling to work and holding a conference call intead. A conference call achieves the same outcome as a face-to-face meeting for only a fraction of the price. You can’t go wrong!

Make Quick Decisions

Eliminating travel time gives people more options with their availability which means that conference calls can be conducted at short notice. This leads to greater interaction between employees, equipping them with the ability to make fast decisions.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Your company can help save the planet by using our conferencing solutions instead of creating carbon emmissions by travelling to a face-to-face meeting.

What are you waiting for? Get back into the action and start your first conference call todayHappy Easter!