Global Education and Conferencing Solutions Increase your ROI

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
Global Education and Conferencing Solutions Increase your ROI

Education, as a sector, is expanding far and wide.  With disappearing global borders, it has only become apparent that there is a need for the Education Sector to refresh its budget with a detailed plan for adopting conferencing solutions.

Duke University, for example, has saved about US$2.5 million annually in communication support system costs by extending the interactive classroom experience. (Source: Collateral – Duke University) Various advanced communication tools have been used to transform learning and research. Conferencing solutions in particular are aiding this need for advancement.

How Have International Universities used Conferencing Services?

They have expanded their reach through online classroom sessions and award diplomas and degrees through online teaching methods. This has increased the adoption rates of conferencing solutions.

Specialised conferencing services that include various managed services can be adopted to better the ease of collaboration.

Web conferencing to share screens and presentations may be ideal for the virtual experience of a classroom. They are ideal conferencing services to increase learning capabilities of an organisation beyond the classroom.

Students are also given an opportunity to experience working with global teams cross-collaboratively which enhances the benefits of their virtual learning experiences.

Some Universities and schools have also created online communities on various social networks. However, some privacy issues have pushed many Universities to use a more secure conferencing solution that does not need organisations to give up intellectual property rights.

Therefore, if you are in the Education Sector and want to use a complete conferencing solution to enhance your online delivery, find the right resources to increase your return on investment.

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