Getting the Job Done: 5 Key Features Your Business Communication Platform Must Have

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
5 Key Features Your Business Communication Platform Must Have

Communication – it makes the world go round. This is the metric by which your business will stand or fall, because, after all, even with the best will in the world, and even with the best levels of motivation and drive on your side, the most herculean efforts are going to come to nothing if you and your teamĀ are all pulling in different directions.

Think about the best communication tools – this means the best applications, the best video conferencing hardware, and the best software designed to keep your team communicating as it should. What do these tools all have in common?

Well, all are easy to use, all are highly effective, and all provide agility and business continuity even on a larger scale. But there is more that your business communication platform must be able to achieve if it’s to get the job done for your business. Let’s take a look;

Intuitive UX Design

Let’s imagine two scenarios – which scenario do you prefer for your own business?

1) You have a business communication platform which seems to tick the boxes, giving your company the abilities it needs to really function as a cohesive whole. You also have an in-house training team to handle the onboarding process for new users.

2) You have a similar business communication platform which also ticks all the boxes and hits the right marks for your business. However, the user experience is smooth and intuitive enough that training is not required beyond a few simple pointers. Users quickly learn how to use and get the best out of the platform themselves.

Of course scenario two is the ideal. You need a platform which is not only easy to use, but which engages your staff and keeps them functioning at their best, day in day out.

Comprehensive Efficacy

Your business is unique, and so your business has its own aims and objectives in mind when it deploys a communications platform. This means that you need to identify and appraise these aims, before making sure that the platform can meet them.

For example, you may need tools in place to improve vertical communications as well as peer to peer, horizontal channels. Your platform needs to be able to accomplish this. You may also need to balance remote meetings with digital huddles and even conferences. You need the best video conferencing hardware and software to make this happen.


What do the best business all have in common? They grow. And, as a business grows, the platforms, tools, and utilities that a business uses must grow too. In other words, everything your business uses must be scalable – if not, then it’s nothing more than a short terms stop gap, and is not a long term solution.

Always keep this in mind as you select the best platform for your business. We have touched upon huddles and one-to-one meetings, and even large-scale conferences. This is a good example to consider, as it reflects the developing and evolvingĀ needs of business users in years to come. Just because your needs are relatively limited now does not mean that they won’t change in the future, and you need to be aware of this, selecting a scalable solution which will meet these evolving requirements.

Unified Components

Modular solutions have been popular in the past, as these platforms provide high levels of customisability, as well as making it possible for your solution to grow easily alongside your business. When new needs come along, you simply add another component to ensure that these needs are met.

However, modular systems such as these have fallen seriously out of vogue in recent years, and this is down to one key reason above all else – efficiency. With so many connections between each of the different components, and with so many points of weakness in the network, there’s simply too much that could potentially go wrong. This leads to a wholly ineffectual platform which begins to feel the strain as it grows, and which may be ineffective in the long-term.

The effective alternative, here, is a comprehensive, unified system of components. In this situation, all of the components are hosted in one location, and all are supported by the overarching platform. The result is an elimination of many of the weak points which plague modular systems, and a far more effective solution overall.

A Fair Price

Your business communication platform is a valuable component of your business, and you could argue that its importance is priceless. However, in practical terms, this is not the case – everything has its price, and, just because you get great usage out of your own communication platform, this doesn’t mean you should pay over the odds for it.

Express Virtual Meetings provide high-quality business communication solutions – including platforms which feature some of the best video conferencing hardware and software on the market – without the extortionate cost. These are pieces which don’t compromise in terms of effectiveness, but still manage to feature price points which will keep even the most budget-conscious business happy.

Get in touch with the team at Express Virtual Meetings to learn more, and to make sure that your own business communication platform is positioned to properly meet your own unique aims and objectives.