Get More from Your Web Conference by Using Annotation

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
Get More from your web conference by using annotation

Web conferencing makes collaboration and team work easier. You can enhance your web conferences by using annotation tools. They include a pen, highlighter, spotlight and arrow to help you collaborate better.

Here are some details on how easily you can use annotation in our web conferencing platform, Infoshare.

Start Annotation

Click the Annotation button in Infoshare.

Select a tool from the Annotation drop-down menu.

start annotation 

Save Annotation

Click the Annotation button in Infoshare.

Select Save Annotation.

Save annotation

Erase Annotation

Click the Annotation button in Infoshare.

Select Erase.

Annotation Erase resized 600 

Stop using Annotation

Click the Annotation button in Infoshare.

Select Stop Annotation.

Annotation Stop resized 600