Express Virtual Meetings Helps Spread the Christmas Spirit

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Express Virtual Meetings Helps Spread the Christmas Spirit

We have had some wonderful feedback on how our clients have shown their Christmas spirit. We have enjoyed reading them – so we thought we would share some of them with you.

Personal Christmas Thoughts

Thank you for your Christmas card, wishes and gift. As per your instructions on the Christmas card to perform a random act of kindness that makes a connection in my life, I wanted to let you know that I have donated the $20 to the Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson Memorial Fund.

This fund has been established by Police Legacy to support the widow and three children of Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson VA, following his tragic death on duty on Thursday, 6th December 2012. This is a tragedy that touched my heart, working closely with police, and also personally as I am a mother of three myself and can’t imagine the heartache and challenging times ahead for his widow and children, especially at this time of year.

Staff Cheer

We received our $20 in the mail today and after some pondering I had an idea! I popped down to our local IGA and put on a surprise afternoon tea.

Below is the email sent to our Melbourne office.

Dear all,

Today, we received a Christmas card from our conference call hosts and inside was a $20 note. Confused and puzzled I read the card and it stated:

Our gift is for you to show your Christmas Spirit by performing a random act of kindness that makes a connection. It’s up to you what you do with it.

After some thought (and help from Kristie) our Random Act of Kindness is complete. All welcome to pop to the table near the printer for an afternoon treat…….

Thank you for this wonderful thought, it brought some much needed afternoon cheer to the office.

Animal Charity

Thanks very much for the wonderful Christmas card I received from you today. I think I may add it to a donation I’m planning on giving the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, or I may give it to someone I don’t usually support.

Medical Health Charity

Thank you for your Christmas Card and the very surprising gift.

I have chosen to donate it towards Diabetes Research which aims to cure and better the lives of persons with diabetes.

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