Conquer Your Conference Calls with an Operator-Assisted Service

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
Conquer Your Conference Calls with an Operator - Assisted Service

“Hello? Is there anybody there?”
Have you ever booked, hosted or been part of a conference call where you are kept waiting for guests to dial in? Or maybe you’ve felt partially blindfolded when guests don’t record their name on entry?

Sometimes guests just fail to turn up altogether. Sometimes late arrivals can’t gain access or when they do, they disrupt the all-important flow of proceedings. Maybe you have felt that you can’t be heard, or perhaps – shock horror – a host hangs up or is disconnected from the meeting, disconnecting everyone else like a row of dominoes.  Perhaps a Q&A session hasn’t run as smoothly as expected because a guest or presenter was mistakenly muted mid-question or answer.

These common virtual meeting issues can frustrate everyone, disrupt the flow of proceedings, limit productivity and desired outcomes or worse, damage the reputation of the host or even the company as a whole.

Simplify and Streamline

The mechanics and logistics of running a virtual meeting can sometimes be overwhelming and have an adverse effect on the success of deliberations, especially if you have guests and presenters in multiple locations and time zones. Throw in a variety of high-tech features such as switching back and forth between presentation, conversation or Q&A modes and things can start to get a little complicated. Operator assistance can simplify and streamline your meeting and help you keep control, so you feel more like a master and less like a disaster.

Scale and Customise

Audio and video conferencing benefits you by reducing travel costs and removing time and geographical constraints. Operator-assisted calls improve further on these benefits, as the operator acts as a personal assistant to ensure that the meeting runs without a hitch. The freedom and flexibility of this type of service means a meeting can be scaled and customised to accommodate just about any mix of customer requirements, with the added bonus of an operator right there to troubleshoot on the spot.

Pre-Conference Preparation

Prior to a scheduled event, the operator and host can discuss the upcoming call in a virtual green room to ensure the host is comfortable and across every aspect of the call, allowing the operator to handle any need that may arise. Operator assistance enables the host to focus on delivering quality content rather than worrying about the mechanics or logistics of the conference call.

Do Away with Dial-in And Access Codes

Dialling in guests from the host’s guest list ensures the operator can introduce participants as they join the conference and perform a roll call so there is no reliance on guests recording their names as they enter the meeting. There is no need for dial-in numbers or access codes, and additional guests can be connected by the operator while the meeting is in progress without disturbing proceedings. Guests can be muted to avoid interruptions and unmuted to engage with the moderator of a Q&A. The conference can be locked for greater security and a permanent recording can be created for future reference.

Operator-assisted conference calls ensure that meetings start on time, keep to schedule, retain audience engagement and enhance productivity, but most importantly they give the host the confidence to conquer conference calls and execute flawless meetings time and time again.