Confessions of an Event Call Coordinator

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
Confessions of an Event Call Coordinator - Online Call Conferencing services

You can hold straightforward conferences without any help from us, but more complex conferences are more easily executed by the professionals. When you want your important meetings to run hitch-free, operator-assisted conferencing services can help you host a flawless conference every time.

Large scale event conferences are a breeze when our event operators manage the logistics of your conference call on your behalf. We work closely with you to ensure your event starts on time with all guests in attendance and are waiting behind the scenes should you need assistance.

We recently interviewed one of our event call experts to get the lowdown on a customer’s experience using our event call service. Here is everything they had to say about their work.

Q: Why did your Customer Need an Operated-Assisted Event Call?

A: My client, a member of the banking and finance sector, needed to schedule a series of recurring investor relations audio conferences for 50 to 100 participants each time, made up of local, national and international company representatives and shareholders.

They knew they wanted to conduct the event calls via audio conference due to the dispersed locations of guests, but also wanted to make sure that adequate security measures were able to be put in place because of the sensitive nature of information the client planned to share.

The event call also needed to start on time and keep to schedule, and since a significant number of their guests were either staying in a hotel or using their own mobile phone to join the conference, the client wanted to ensure that guests incurred no personal cost, including any extra guests who needed to be connected to the event call urgently at the last minute, or at any time during the event.

They had a long list of specific requirements but did not have the internal expertise needed to run the complex investor relations conference call on their own and were not sure where to start.

That’s where we stepped in to help.

Q: What Solutions did you Came up with that Matched their Specific Requirements?

A: We provided experienced professional support and a tailored service. We assured the client that we would provide complete support before, during and after every event with a dedicated event call operator at their disposal – similar to having their own personal assistant available around the clock – to troubleshoot any technical issues on the spot, continue to try to locate and connect guests who failed to answer their initial dial-in call and overcome any other challenges the client faced during the event call.

We also obtained a guest list. To ensure the conference call started on time with as many guests in attendance as possible and to keep the call to schedule, we obtained a guest list that included the contact names and phone numbers of everyone we needed to connect into the conference efficiently on the day of the event.

As a security measure, we generated an event call password that the client could give to any last-minute guest who was not on the original guest list. Prior to being connected into conference, they were required to quote the password to the operator who would connect them immediately without disrupting proceedings.

Q: In What other ways were you able to Service their Specific Requirements? 

A: We provided a pre-conference preparation service. To ensure the smooth running of conference calls, the use of our pre-conference preparation service enabled the hosts to run through the event with the venue’s AV team prior to and on the day of each event via teleconference to ensure everyone was briefed on the event schedule and were across how the event was going to work so there were no surprises.

We also provided post-conference reporting. A valuable aspect of any post-event reporting is having a record of who attended the conference call.  We provided a complete list of event attendees immediately after the event concluded.

My client’s event was also recorded and a transcript was delivered within two hours of the event closing.

Q: What do You Think you Offered your Client that no Other Conference Call Provider Could?

A: In their search for the perfect event call provider, my client agreed thatno-one else could provide them with all the services and meet their specific requirements.”

We are empowered to provide outstanding customer service and have the flexibility to tailor our service to any number of special needs a client may have. That’s why we say “yes we can” regardless of the complexity of the event call.