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[Media Release] Boardroom Ventures to Acquire Express Virtual Meetings

Boardroom Ventures (BRV) announces an agreement to acquire the Express Virtual Meetings (EVM) business from ASX listed Symbio Holdings Limited (ASX:SYM).

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Security and Peace of Mind when Conferencing with Express Virtual Meetings

You have likely read articles exposing the security flaws with other well-known video conferencing providers. Rest assured that at Express Virtual Meetings, we take security seriously.

How does Teleconferencing Work?

With corporations expanding across the globe and the demand for remote work increasing, face to face meetings with teams, clients and collaborators are becoming increasingly expensive and impractical.

The Value of Recording Your Teleconference

Recording your teleconference is a great way to keep a permanent record of the call so no one misses any important details.

Conducting a Job Interview via a Teleconference

Research suggests 30 per cent of organisations conduct interviews via teleconferencing which makes it important to know how to run one.

How to Conduct an AGM via a Teleconference

Holding an Annual General Meeting (AGM) via teleconferencing is a viable option for businesses without the infrastructure to host on location.

Using Mobile Phones for Teleconferencing – Yes or No?

Teleconferences are a great way for people to collaborate but there are some rules when it comes to using a mobile phone on a teleconference.