5 Video Conferencing Trends you Should Know About in 2022

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
5 Video Conferencing Trends you Should Know About in 2021

In the last 10 years, we’ve seen dramatic change in the video conferencing industry and things aren’t looking to slow down any time soon.

Whether it’s the adoption of cloud-based services, machine learning or the simple ability to screen share, video conferencing has allowed professionals to connect on-the-go, benefitting savvy businesses and their personnel.

Here are the 5 video conferencing trends you should know about in 2022.

The Tech Landscape will Continue to Evolve

As big hitters like Apple, Google and Microsoft continue to drive the global proliferation of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), the video conferencing industry continues to develop features that integrate with these evolving technologies.

AI will help to increase the immersion of every conferencing experience, with the development of features such as object detection. This will allow for better computing vision, as every object in the room is tracked and optimally lit to achieve perfect lighting. We’ll also see the introduction of smart camera controls which help to track people who are present in the video conference through automatic camera panning.

More importantly, as we see the tech landscape continue to evolve, we’ll witness the decline of in-person meetings altogether. This means that businesses who haven’t updated their video conferencing technology will be left in the past.

Hardware and Software Integration

The partnership between hardware vendors and their software counterparts will continue to combine as business owners choose to keep their workflow in the one interface rather than jumping between systems.

This will flow on to a business’ communication infrastructure, with many choosing to use a cloud-based PBX through the same provider as their video conferencing supplier. These services can be managed through an app or dedicated services and infrastructure with ease. The overall meeting experience will also improve, as software and hardware can work together to produce the highest quality video and audio possible.

The Cloud will Continue to Dominate

The rising popularity of cloud-based video conferencing doesn’t look to be going anywhere. The growth in uptake between 2014 and 2018 is around the 880% mark, which is inline with global cloud migration rates. This is unsurprising given the flexibility and scalability of the solution along with its ability to reduce traditional commuting and travel costs.

Businesses are continuing to see the benefits of remote work on employee productivity, resulting in an increase in flexible working arrangements. This trend goes hand-in-hand with the increase uptake of cloud-based video conferencing solutions.

In 2022 enterprise leaders can expect cloud-based conference calls to allow for improved integration between video conferencing and meeting room systems. Conference calls will be led from a single point and be compatible with any device, reducing the need for manual maintenance and improving the connectedness of their stakeholders.

Video Conferencing Facilities will Improve

With remote work and flexible hours becoming the norm, it’s no wonder that 55% of companies have adopted video conferencing into the routine of their daily operations. This means that workspaces have to upgrade their technology to allow for enterprise grade audio and video quality. Dedicated video conferencing rooms will become important for enterprise leaders looking to improve the professionalism of their business’ video conference calls.

Not only will audio and visual quality continue to improve, businesses will have the ability to customise the virtual environment with their branding, and add their own visual flavour to their conferences.

Updating the office layout to reflect these changing expectations will also be front and centre in 2022. Specially designed multi-purpose huddle rooms, informal meeting rooms and board rooms equipped with video conferencing capabilities will be prioritised over traditional office spaces.

There’ll be Plenty of feature Enhancements

In 2022, expect to see feature enhancements that drive interface easability. Users want their workplace technologies to be simple, intuitive and reliable, so they can spend less time trying to set up infrastructure or resolve tech problems, and spend more time having important conversations that drive business progress.

Data-protection features will also continue to improve as customers look to differentiate brands based on their ability to protect sensitive information.

There’s exciting advancements in intelligent analysis and data feedback taking place. This means that AI can analyse mood and engagement of the conference, sending data back to the host to help improve effectiveness and collaboration.

Need Seamless Video Conferencing in your Business?

Video conferencing is continually improving the way businesses and their personnel can connect on-the-go. Not only does it help save time, it also dramatically reduces the costs associated with travel and commuting.

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