4 Conference Call Security Options you Should Know About

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
4 Conference Call Security options you should Know about - Virtual Meetings

Audio conferencing, teleconferencing, conference calls, phone hook-up or telemeeting. Whatever you call it, meeting a group of people over the phone – without having to travel to a mutually agreeable location – is the perfect solution for scheduled or impromptu meetings that can simply and quickly connect groups of people across multiple locations and time zones.

Since you can’t actually see each other ‘over the phone’, conference calls do carry with them a small amount of risk in relation to their security. How can you be sure that the person you think you’re meeting with is actually who she says she is? Moreover, there could be an unidentified person quietly on the line who can’t be heard, but can hear everything.  You may unknowingly share confidential information with the wrong person which could be disastrous not only for you personally, but also for your business, your boss or the reputation of the company you work for.

If you currently have a conference call provider, which security options do they offer? How secure are your conference calls? Before you hurry off to quickly check the security options available from your current provider, read on. You’ll learn about the security options our customers have added to their account and tailored conference groups that provide an added level of comfort so they can run their meetings without the worry.

Four Conference Call Security Options

1. Customised Conference Greeting

A pre-recorded customised conference greeting that identifies the meeting to participants and asks them to record their name on entry.

2. Conference/Meeting Lockdown

The conference can be locked down by the host so that no participant or operator can re-enter the conference at any time. The host will receive a signal if an attendee is attempting to join while the call is in progress.

3. Personal Identification Number

A Personalised Identification Number (PIN) can be assigned to each meeting participant to allow access to the meeting. No PIN, no entry.

These security options can be used independently or combined to provide a high level of conference call security.

4. Managed Conferencing

Managed conferencing (or operator-assisted conferencing) can be used for medium to large team or board meetings, HR or media interviews, complex shareholder meetings or large events for 800+ participants and provides the top level of conference security and a high level of participant visibility.

Participants from a pre-defined guest list are dialled in by a dedicated operator who provides a level of support specifically tailored to the needs of the conference host.

Putting any or all of these proactive security measures in place before an issue arises increases participant visibility, reduces the risk of company information being shared with the unintended and allows the conference host to conduct the meeting with confidence.