27 Outstanding Online Tools for Communicators

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27 Outstanding Online Tools for Communicators - Express Virtual Meetngs

Modern life has made all of us online communicators. Each and every day, we harness the power of a broad range of apps and software pieces as we reach out to friends, family, and colleagues. With so many of these tools now available, it can be difficult to sift through the clutter to find exactly what you need to suit your requirements.

Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Take a look at our list of 27 outstanding online tools for communicators, and consider adding some to your repertoire.


Asana achieves quick and easy collaboration, as users can create projects, assign work, monitor deadlines, and communicate with one another.


Whiteboards have been key components of meetings for decades, and so the digital landscape calls for a digital update. RealtimeBoard makes building digital workflows simple and effective.

Google Docs

When it comes to¬†creating, collaborating, and storing documents securely in the cloud, it doesn’t get much better than Google Docs.


Another serious favourite for businesses communicating via the cloud, Dropbox is a file sharing platform that facilitates swift and effective communication.


Remote teams may find themselves particularly impressed by Podio. The collaborative software helps teams to unify their efforts even across numerous timezones.


Create collaborative workflows and team plans, bringing remote workers together via a constantly evolving chart.


Some things are best kept simple, and online collaboration and communication is one of these things. Scribblar achieves that by providing a simple collaborative whiteboard, facilitating freeflowing brainstorming sessions which push the boundaries of innovation, no matter where your team members are located.


Have you ever experienced a collaborative problem and found yourself lost among a sea of different tools in your search for the right one? Basecamp makes collaboration and communication easier by bringing project-specific toolsets together in one location.


Projects move quickly, and so should your project management software, too. LiquidPlanner facilities this, supporting both agile and waterfall planning approaches.


When you need to digitally transport code or even a fully fledged piece of software to a remote team, you need a repository you can trust. For years, GitHub has been helping businesses do just this.


Staffbase brings internal news and resources together, and provides a forum for employees to deliver feedback in real time.


Jostle is another piece of cloud-based intranet software designed to create a quick and easy resource reference point for staff members, as well as supporting updates in real time.


As an enterprise-oriented online tool for communicators, Yammer is designed to build connections and engagement on an organisation-wide basis. Teams can form their own communities, and share in-depth knowledge and insight.


Let’s not forget email amid this sea of communication. ContactMonkey makes email communication all the more effective through segmented lists, templates, instant messaging, and a range of user-friendly tools.


BucketList makes it simple to keep remote teams engaged and on track through the provision of rewards and recognition. Engagement levels can also be closely monitored via the app.


While not directly facilitating communication between remote teams or parties, Toggl time tracking software makes it easier for businesses to keep track of their teams in the field, ensuring that teams across a range of locations stay on the same page.


Atlassian’s Confluence software provides a central hub via which your remote teams can share plans, resources and information. As a knowledge resource, updated in real time, Confluence is one of the best pieces of software on the market.


While this platform began life as a CRM, has proved very well suited to managing remote teams of employees. Later developments and add-ons to the software have supported this company-internal function.

Zoho Projects

Create and manage projects for free via the Zoho Projects app, with high-level planning and tracking functionality for all users.


Quick and easy file sharing and team messaging are what makes Glip such an attractive proposition for businesses operating remote teams in need of reliable communication channels.


Bringing together the traditional functional elements of spreadsheets and databases, Airtable is a powerful organisational tool for teams operating remotely.


Owned and operated by Salesforce, Chatter brings the good stuff from social media platforms, while at the same time eliminating all the superfluous, productivity-killing aspects. The result is a smart digital platform for increasing engagement and connection between teams.


For time tracking with additional functionality, Harvest is your go to. Understand your employees’ levels of engagement and connection through powerful reporting capability.


Using AI to understand the different working styles of different teams, SharePoint secures better connections for longer, maximising productivity while keeping everyone on the same page.


Quip is a smart collaboration platform, and another fine piece of software from SalesForce. Get projects done in a way that surpasses expectations, no matter where in the world your teams are based.


Allo, developed by Google, takes instant messaging to the next level with the application of powerful artificial intelligence. Be more productive, communicate more effectively, and share information with greater security, by using Google Allo and the power of AI.

Express Virtual Meetings

Express Virtual Meetings provides video conferencing technology compatible with a comprehensive range of hardware pieces and systems. This makes it one of the leading online tools for communicators currently available on the market.

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