11 Essential Tools to Share With Your Remote Workforce For Better Productivity

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Remote Workforce For Better Productivity

The modern workforce has evolved. A growing number of businesses are now employing remote working teams to increase the agility and flexibility of their organisations. This brings with it many other benefits. Raised productivity, reduced stress levels and increased wellbeing amongst workers, plus better cost-effectiveness on an organisational level, are just a few of the advantages.

However, such an approach needs the right support. Fortunately, this is provided by a wide range of applications. These online tools are designed around the philosophy of working smarter rather than simply harder, and many of them can be great fun to use.

Of course, these tools won’t do the job themselves. When hiring a remote workforce, it is important to look for self-motivation, the right skill set, and high levels of experience in your candidates. With this set of credentials, paired with digital support in the form of the right web-based tools, a collaborative and productive remote team is secured.

Read on to discover 11 essential tools you can share with your remote workforce. These tools cover everything from time tracking to collaborative document editing via web conferencing.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is well-established as a useful tool for businesses. Its high quality and ultra-reliable cloud storage facility makes it a prime candidate for our list. Give all of your employees a unified access point to the files they need with this tool.

2. 1Password

The logistics of managing passwords can be a serious impediment to productivity. 1Password bypasses the need for lengthy spreadsheets or for regular updates via its smart ‘vault’ function. Create a vault for different teams and then sync and share these vaults with users who have the required clearance.

3. Every Time Zone

Remote teams may not necessarily be working in the same city as your head office, or even on the same continent. You need to know quickly what time zone your remote staff members are operating in so you can schedule your operations accordingly.

4. Workfrom

Workfrom is a valuable resource that helps you find the most popular remote work spots in major cities across the world. This helps your teams to stay connected and on track, even when they have been deployed in areas which may be unfamiliar to them. A broad range of different working venues are included on Workfrom, which covers cafes, coffee shops, travel hub lounges and other remote work-friendly locations.

5. InVision

InVision is a little different to many of the other tools on our list but is no less vital to the operation and efficacy of your remote teams. This tool is one of the most comprehensive pieces of design software available to businesses today. Remote teams will be able to view and modify even the tiniest details and then share these designs with other remote staff members in the field, or with teams back at the office.

6. Zapier

Zapier is a powerful piece of workflow automation software that supports high levels of efficiency and convenience for your remote teams. Simply connect all of your favourite or most frequently used apps together via the software to facilitate quick and simple data transfer. Eliminate the hassle and risk of moving sensitive data around with this digital safety net.

7. Scoro

A powerful team management tool, Scoro gives you the platform you need to manage collaboration, ongoing products, and client billing, all in one handy location.

8. Github Wiki

The process of onboarding new team members can take a long time. With Github Wiki, you will be able to construct repositories of information that new members can use to learn from and then refer back to, accelerating the onboarding procedure.

9. Bubbl.us

One source of anxiety when it comes to utilising remote teams within your business structure is that true collaboration may be lacking. Bubble.us is a handy app that avoids this issue by helping teams brainstorm together, even from remote locations. The results of these sessions can then be shared as handy visuals for extra efficacy.

10. Toggl

Toggl is a smart and intuitive time-tracking app that helps you and your team keep on top of hours spent on each project. Work efficiency and project cost-effectiveness can also be tracked via a range of handy metrics.

11. Audio, Web and Video Conferencing

Hold remote meetings with audio, web or video conferencing. No matter where your teams are in the world, they can stay on task by easily holding audio or visual meetings. Additional features such as document collaboration and shared screens further enhance collaboration and the subsequent benefits to your business.

To learn more about the tools you can use to help your remote teams be the best they can be, including audio, web and video conferencing, get in touch with the Express Virtual Meetings team today.



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