10 Tips for a Successful Virtual Press Conference

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
10 Tips for a successful Virtual Press Confernce - Call Conferencing Services

Technology has improved the way people can communicate from all over the world. Important news, product releases and quarterly figures are just some announcements for which companies have used virtual events, resulting in engaged audiences and huge cost savings.


If you’re thinking of producing a virtual press conference, the following tips will help make it a success.

Keep it Simple

Use your time efficiently and focus on the key message. Don’t go off on tangents – stick to the purpose of the conference. This way you won’t be wasting anybody’s time.

Start With House-Keeping

Cover off items such as how and when attendees can submit questions at the beginning. This will avoid any confusion and make sure nobody tries to ask a question at an inappropriate moment during the proceedings.

Include a Grace Period

Sometimes conferences run longer than expected. By advising attendees of a slightly longer running time than expected, if the conference does run over and take up more time than originally thought, nobody will be inconvenienced.

Make Supporting Information Available

Create an accessible summary document of the press conference that can be distributed to the attending media outlets. You could also provide them with any other supporting documents that may help them report on the conference topic.

Archive all Documents

Make sure all presentation resources and/or videos are accessible for later reference, both by you and the media outlets who attended. You could record the event conference so there’s always a record of what was said. This recording could also help with creating meeting minutes, or be distributed to people who couldn’t attend the meeting.

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