10 Reasons you Shouldn’t do a Virtual Seminar Yourself (without the help of experts)

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10 Reasons you Shouldn't do a Virtual Seminar Yourself

Virtual seminars are on the rise—and for good reason.

They’re cost effective, have no capacity constraints, can be attended remotely and are key to organisations reaching their educational, training and marketing goals.

And while these are all important benefits that every business should embrace, the following 10 reasons demonstrate why you probably shouldn’t try to do one yourself, unless you have the help of an expert.

Virtual Seminar

You can’t just Click and go

Even if your organisation is adept at organising and managing a live seminar, it doesn’t mean that you can simply plan your usual event and it will translate through a recording or DIY stream.

There are many moving pieces required to make a virtual seminar a success. Keep in mind that engaging an online audience is more difficult than in-person. You need to embrace certain techniques for keeping energy flowing throughout your presentations, speaker transitions, and breakout sessions —all while ensuring your technology is working correctly and your message is being absorbed.

When you bring in the expertise of a managed virtual seminar provider, they can unravel all the great ideas you bring to live seminars and make them a success digitally. With the right platform, the experience will be so seamless you’ll be forgiven for thinking that all they do is click and go. But don’t be fooled, it takes experience and a talented team to pull off a successful virtual event and make it look easy.

They’re Extremely Time Consuming

Many organisations underestimate the amount of time it takes to get a virtual seminar off the ground. Professional virtual events can take months of planning, and take away valuable productivity time from other business initiatives. If you’re new to virtual events and are unsure if your seminar will be a success, it can be an unwise gamble to make.

Rather than waste valuable business hours, get help from a managed virtual seminar provider who can take much of the planning of your event out of your hands, so that you can focus on the content of your event and other areas of your business.

They’re Prone to Technical Difficulties

If you choose to DIY your virtual seminar, the chances of experiencing some sort of technical difficulty is extremely high. Your speakers will come with different levels of technical expertise, the platform may not be able to handle the amount of attendees trying to enter your seminar at once, video and audio lags can completely undermine the quality of your presentations, and you’ll completely lose the interest and patience of your audience. Murphy’s Law means that something always goes wrong at the worst possible moment— so why risk it?

One of the main benefits of working with a managed virtual seminar provider like Express Virtual Meetings is that you’ll be given 24/7 technical support and have experts monitoring your seminar throughout. They’re ready to troubleshoot in an instant, ensure a smooth transition between presenters and set your tech up for minimal difficulties.

Your Platform won’t Facilitate Audience Engagement

We spoke earlier about the importance of audience engagement and how difficult it can be to hold their attention if you aren’t prepared. Nothing will put an audience to sleep sooner than back-to-back speakers with no chance to interact or chat with each other. In fact, it completely defeats the purpose of a seminar altogether—they’re an environment for discussion and interactive learning.

That’s why choosing the right platform for your virtual seminar is so important. Most DIY platforms don’t include quality engagement features or a moderator to manage them. Always look for a managed virtual seminar provider who offers the following features:

Moderated Q&A sessions

An engaging host to keep the agenda moving along

Real-time polling

Live chat

You Won’t have Pre or Post-Event Support

One of the major pitfalls of hosting your own virtual seminar is that there’s no one to turn to for support, ask questions, rehearse your event with or come back to you with metrics and reports. Having an expert to lean on and guide you will take much stress out of your event.

With a managed virtual seminar provider, you’ll have someone there to guide you through the process from your first introduction to long after your event has been completed.

At Express Virtual Meetings, we work with you to plan your event, taking care of all the technical details while you concentrate on the content. We’ll provide a dress rehearsal, ensure your event runs smoothly and will deliver you the reports you need. Our service is as important to the Express Virtual Meetings experience as our leading audiovisual technology.

Lack of Security

Data security has to be a top priority when hosting any virtual event. And with so many high profile breaches in recent years, your organisation or customers are open to being hacked by unwanted intruders trying to access your event. The problem with hosting a DIY virtual seminar is that many of the platforms aren’t as secure as they should be and this is evident in the number of breaches that have occurred.

However, when you work with a managed virtual seminar provider like Express Virtual Meetings, you’re guaranteed the highest security protection— from guest registration and right through your event.

Guest Registration Can be a Nightmare

The last thing you’re probably thinking about when planning a virtual seminar is the guest registration process. However, ensuring attendees register and actually attend your event (never underestimate people’s ability to RSVP and not turn up) can actually be a nightmare if you don’t have a great electronic system in place.

DIY platforms don’t tend to have any features to help you with this, and you should avoid juggling multiple platforms as much as possible. However, with a managed virtual seminar provider, your guest registration will be a seamless, stress-free experience.

There’s no Professional Moderator

There’s a real art to keeping a seminar on time, running smoothly and transitioning between speakers without awkward pauses or problems. Nominating someone in your organisation to take on these roles can be a challenge if they don’t have experience or know the virtual event platform inside out.

With Express Virtual Meetings, you’ll have a highly trained moderator who will keep your agenda moving smoothly, take and vet questions from the audience in designated Q&A sessions, ensure that speakers and presentations transition quickly and maintain optimal professionalism throughout the entire process.

There’s no Valuable Data or Reporting

It’s short-sighted to think of your seminar as a silo event that’s only valuable for its immediate benefits. Much of the value of a virtual seminar is what you can learn from it and how you can improve on it in the future to get you even closer to your organisational goals.

It’s important that you take a data driven approach to your learnings—which can only be achieved if the platform that you use for your virtual seminar has robust data, metric tracking and post-event reporting. The only way to receive this level of rich data is to work with a managed virtual event platform who will collect your most important insights such as:

Audience numbers

Session engagement

Key drop off points

It can Cost you more in the Long Run

While it’s clear that having professionals help organise, manage and improve your virtual seminar is essential in it being as successful as possible, some organisations believe they can save money by trying to DIY their own. This can be a costly mistake. One of the many reasons working with a managed virtual seminar provider is great for your business is that they can actually save you money in the long run.

At Express Virtual Meetings, our experienced team knows exactly how to make the most out of any event budget. We’re so confident that we’ll deliver you an outstanding virtual seminar that you’ll love, we offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

The Takeaway

If you’re serious about delivering a professional, engaging and secure virtual seminar, it’s advisable that you avoid the stress and wasted time spent trying to DIY and work with an expert who won’t just manage everything for you, but ensure that your virtual event will reach or even surpass your goals.

At Express Virtual Meetings, our managed events team are highly-sought after for their ability to unravel your ideas, help you set goals and then bring your event  to life through engaging and effective virtual and hybrid solutions. As a result, we’re trusted by some of Australia’s leading organisations.

Book now for an obligation-free demonstration of our managed virtual seminar solution and receive 10% off your first event.


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