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What is audio conferencing?

An audio conference is a telephone meeting between two or more participants that connects people in various locations. It is also sometimes referred to as a teleconference, conference call or remote meeting.

An audio conference can be conducted via a mobile phone or landline. You can connect your team quickly, whether the guests are located in Australia or across the world.

Benefits of audio conferencing

Reduce costs and save time

Audio conferencing allows you and your team to save time, money and the environment. You can eradicate the time, costs and resources associated with travelling to face-to-face meetings.

Increase productivity and speed up decision-making

Time is one of the most valuable assets for businesses. Groups need to be able to come to a unanimous decision, sometimes with a limited amount of time. Audio conferencing allows groups to come together and make important decisions any time, anywhere. 

Connect teams in remote locations

Audio conferencing promotes communication for businesses and teams, no matter the distance between them. Having easy access to lines of communication between teams is important in today's workforce. Simplify your communication with audio conferencing by picking up the phone and dialling in to conference. 

How does audio conferencing work?

Audio conferencing connects multiple people through a conferencing bridge, which allows everyone to speak to each other. To dial in to a conference, you simply enter a dial-in number followed by an access code, provided to you by your audio conferencing provider.

How to join an audio conference

To connect to a conference you will need a mobile or landline phone. Your conferencing provider will also send you a list of dial-in numbers, plus both a host and guest access code.

To join a conference, each person dials the number relevant to their location (from the provided list of dial-in numbers). When prompted, the host then dials the host code and all the guests dial the guest code. Simple!

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