Operator Connect

Let us connect your guests into conference

What is Operator Connect?

Our operators call your list of participants one-by-one to join them into conference on your behalf, ensuring their timely attendance and eliminating the need for to distribute dial-in numbers or access codes. 

 Why would you use an Operator Connect service?

Operator Connect is a fully managed service, which means you don't have to worry about guests misplacing their access codes, turning up late and disrupting proceedings or missing the meeting. This service improves the security of your conference by reducing the risk of uninvited guests attending. If a guest accidentally disconnects or drops out of the conference, an operator is on hand to discretely re-connect them without interrupting the meeting.

Our Operator Connect service is perfect for internal meetings, connecting agencies and improving communication between agencies and consumers of government services.

Our Operator Connect service is designed to take the stress out of organising and managing a meeting, leaving you to concentrate on other things, such as your meeting agenda. 


Your meeting will start on time and run to schedule

It's no secret how frustrating it is when your meeting participants are late or don't show up because they didn't see your invitation email or lost their guest access code and dial-in numbers. Not only is this frustrating for you, but your guests may have multiple meetings to attend and if yours doesn't start and end on time, then this will be an inconvenience to them.

Imagine not having to worry about whether your guests are going to turn up on time. Our expert Australia-based operators are available 24/7 to do all of the work for you and join all of your guests into your conference. 

Infrastructure and Reliability

Express Virtual Meetings owns the bridge infrastructure used to provide our service, with the capability for over 1000 attendees per conference. Our bridges are located in secure data centres in geographically-diverse locations within Australia. This offers several advantages including:

  • Minimising transmission delays between callers - the audio does not have to bounce overseas and then back to Australia
  • Control of our bridges enables routine maintenance to be performed without disruption, delivering seamless conferencing to our customers

Your meeting is easy and worry-free

Running a meeting can be stressful enough without having to worry about guest dial-in numbers, access codes and sending out invitations. Imagine not having to worry about setting up your conference and ensuring your guests can enter your conference with ease. We can even record your meeting and provide a transcript if requested. 

Our solutions can be tailored to your requirements. Let us know how we can customise your service to make your experience as stress-free as possible.

What features do we offer? 

We can be flexible to suit your requirements and cater for conferences of all shapes and sizes.

Blast Dial Out

This service is perfect for conferences or events with over 100 participants. You provide us with a list of names and numbers and we will call all participants at once into conference on time via our system. If a participant misses our call, a message is left for them to call back and they can be connected to the call.

Operator Answer

This service is perfect for conferences with less than 100 participants. Your local or international guests call a dedicated phone number and are answered by one of our expert operators. The operator formally welcomes the guest to the conference with a pre-arranged greeting, takes their details as required and places the guest into the conference call. The guests enters the conference on mute and waits for the host to arrive and the event to begin.


Our service offers a range of features to make your experience as stress-free as possible. Our Operator Connect service ensures:

  • Your participants will be in conference on time
  • Participants and hosts will not have to worry about anything but the meeting itself
  • Call and operator costs are charged to the account holder
  • A fast booking process - minimum one hours notice

For a full list of our features, please visit our Conferencing Features page 


Our Operator Connect line rate per line is $0.39 per minute in Australia and $1.44 Internationally

There is also an Operator Connection service fee of $5.00 per connection

For a full breakdown of pricing, please visit our Pricing Page