Talent Connect

 Media interview schedules easily managed with our Talent Connect service.

What is Talent Connect?

We can manage your talent interviews with print and broadcast media, ensuring they run to schedule to minimize your stress and maximise your efficiency.

Our expert operators are based in Australia and are available 24/7 to ensure your interviews can run to any time schedule. We can tailor our service so that it suits you and your talent's needs.

Why choose Express Virtual Meetings?

Use our service when you want to:

  • Have your talent interviews managed from beginning to end
  • Experience a successful, hassle-free schedule with reliable support at your fingertips
  • Obtain an audio recording of the talent interviews
  • Execute live-to-air interviews

What to expect with Talent Connect


Let us know the details about your Talent and Journalists. We will confirm with you all the details with you after to ensure a hitch-free interview. We can conduct a Talent Connect at short notice


Ensuring your talent is comfortable is our priority. We'll contact the journalist and then connect them to the talent. We will ensure the interview only runs for the duration you have specified. If you are running multiple interviews, we'll get the next journalist ready. If there are any issues with the interview/s, we will always contact you to gain approval on any changes. 


After a succesfull interview, we will provide a summary or let you know how the interview went. We can also send you a recording of the interview to be sent to journalists etc. 

Why choose Express Virtual Meetings?

Our service never sleeps

We understand your talent may be in different countries and timezones, therefore our expert operators are available 24/7, 365 days a year, based in Australia to manage your print and broadcast media interviews.

We are the go-to industry experts

We have 15 years of experience working with some of the largest film and record companies in the world and have an Australian-based team of specialists who will deliver your interviews seamlessly.

We guarantee confidentiality

We understand the importance of protecting your talent's privacy. That's why our team of expert operators adhere to a professional code of conduct.



Our service starts at $20 per 6 minutes, plus line rates. For a full breakdown of pricing, please visit our Pricing Page