Event Connect

 Have your event professionally managed from start to finish

What is Event Connect?

You can hold simple audio conferences on your own, however, large events can be very difficult and time consuming to manage on your own.This is where we step in - we're with you every step of the way. Forget about sending dial-in numbers and guest codes to your participants - we provide a single number for your guests to dial into.

Guest Connections

We take out the stress of distributing a whole list of dial-in numbers to your guests. Instead, we join your guests into the conference, regardless of where they are in the world. You also don't have to worry about your guests forgetting to join the conference at the right time, that's all taken care of.

Live Q&A Service

On hearing the pre-arranged cue, the operator will open the floor to questions from participants who will be directed to press *1 on their telephone keypad. Participants with questions will be queued and introduced in succession, at which time the host will be given the opportunity to provide an answer. At the conclusion of the Q&A session, the operator will thank participants and hand back over to the host who can then close proceedings.  

Why you should choose Express Virtual Meetings

Our service offers a range of features to make your experience as stress-free as possible. We can help you with things like:

  • Communicating a message to a large group of people at one time across multiple locations and time zones.
  • Managing your important event from end to end
  • Delivering a successful, hassle free event with reliable support at your fingertips
  • Running a seamless Q&A session
  • Conducting participant voting to provide fast feedback and enable quick decisions
  • Obtaining an audio recording and transcript of event proceedings

What to expect with Event Connect

Our operator-assisted Event Connect service provides you with many features and can even create new ones if you have specific company-centric needs.

Ensure your event runs smoothly

Ensure a hitch-free meeting for over 100 guests with an experienced operator managing the entire conference, from start to finish.

Interact with your guests easily

Save time and streamline decision-making by conducting Q&A or voting sessions with an expert operator

Maximise participant attendance

Make sure everyone is able to participate in the call by having your guests dialed into conference by an operator

What features do we offer?

We work closely with you to ensure your event is a sucess

  • Live Q&A or voting sessions can be conducted for quick and easy feedback
  • The virtual event is secure as access is restricted to invited guests
  • Detailed post-event reporting can be tailored to specific needs
  • A dedicated event call coordinator is with the host before, during and after the event to ensure it runs smoothly
  • Participants are greeted by an operator and placed into conference

For a full list of our features, please visit our Conferencing Features page


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